Celebrating Jae Casper

By Sarah Quinto Image: Jae Casper, smiling, with theatre posters in the background. Their shirt reads: “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” Audre Lorde And they are wearing a Zelda hat. Jae Casper passed away in May of this year and it’s been hard to eulogize them in a way that does justice toContinue reading “Celebrating Jae Casper”

Learn about visitability

Visitability is the idea that all new housing has basic accessibility features.

A smiling Stacey Park holding a black and white sign that says “CHERISHED.” This image is attributed to Max Airborne.

How Crip Chick changed me

Our disabled lives are bigger, fuller, messier, uglier and more beautiful than we ever imagined. Stacey gave me this. She gave me a vision of what was available to me, through finding my people.

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