An inverted bell curve


I see everything around me as an inverted bell curve. The unusual or abnormal has the highest visibility. Those in the center go almost unnoticed by me, but I immediately pick up anything outside the norm. Therefore, most of what is normal to me either exists without my ever noticing it or else is annoying to me because it am exposed to it a dozen or more times a day without purpose or significance. What is your personal abnormal (same as above)?

The abnormal is that which attracts my sight and/or other senses, for better or worse, as it can either be pleasurable or frightening. Of course, society may say that those things that draw my attention could be perfectly normal and in their eyes, they might be, but they all out of the ordinary to me in at least some way.

— Steve

Theoretical Models

  • Liminality — This is the best example we have of the ‘betwixt and between’ nature of impairment and disability that is characterized by liminality theory.
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